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Power4Vets Success Stories

The mission of the Power4Vets™ program is to help veterans start new careers in the power and energy industry. To date, through the Power4Vets program, we have been able to help 300 veterans advance their careers:

  • 300+ veterans placed or employed
  • 117 veterans have become NERC Certified in System Operations

Of these 300+ success stories, below are just a few of samples which highlight how the Power4Vets program has helped veterans pursue their career goals.


“The Power4Vets program has given me essential electrical theory and system operations knowledge making me a marketable candidate during my job hunt. I would like to thank my shipmate Michael Rapparlie for convincing me this was the field for me, and I also want to thank the IncSys and Power4Vets team for helping this new career path to become a reality for me.”

Stephen Flebotte (U.S. Navy)

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I can personally testify that the training offered through Power4Vets was critical in successfully preparing me for the technical interview which was the first step in attaining my dream job.  I can also testify that I would have not even known about this job if the staff hadn’t been searching and keeping me continuously apprised of this and many other opportunities.

Dallas Lott (U.S. Navy)

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Thanks to the Power4vets program for enabling me to find employment back home after my transition from the Navy. I went from being vaguely familiar with the civilian power industry to becoming NERC certified in three months thanks to this program. I wish all the future members of the program well, and if anyone needs any assistance from me, please feel free to reach out.  I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a career in the utility industry as a System Operator.

Timothy Chambers (U.S. Navy)

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The Power4Vets program was pivotal for me in easing the stress that comes with getting that first job after you leave the military. The help of David Miranda and the entire Power4Vets team sets this program above and beyond anything else you can find. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in the program and getting their Reliability Coordinator Certification to reach out to David Miranda and see for yourself what Power4Vets has to offer. Power4Vets helped me achieve so much in so little time and helped me obtain my dream job in my dream location.

– James Follett (U.S. Navy)

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I was very impressed with the Power4Vets program. The knowledge and training I received through the simulator and lectures were invaluable in my transition to the civilian electrical industry as a System Operator.

David Miranda was a great resource for me throughout the entire process of getting my NERC RC Certification and getting hired as a System Operator. I am very grateful for the help and support I received through the Power4Vets program. I highly recommend the program to any veterans transitioning into the Electrical Industry.

– Bradley Arnoldus (U.S. Navy)

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Power4Vets is an incredibly energizing program that opened my eyes to the in’s and out’s of the electric utility industry as a system operator. The training plan is amazing, providing a comprehensive baseline of the equipment and physics that govern the generation and transmission of a commodity that most people take for granted – electricity! This program is much like climbing a staircase and reaching the top is definitely achievable through completion of the self-paced training modules. You can watch the videos, review the lessons, and perform the exercises as many times as you need in order to feel that you’re ready to move on to the next step. You can even go back at any time to freshen up on anything that you might not have fully understood the first time around. This is very doable: I just turned off the television and set aside distractions for a few hours each day to reach the goals and timetables that I set in order to finish the training.

In addition to the training program, IncSys offers a variety of other greatly beneficial resources. Such things as guidance in tailoring your LinkedIn profile, job search and placement services, and career progression counseling are incredibly helpful to leveraging a meaningful career in the electric utility industry.

This program sets you up for success to earn the NERC system operator certification and puts the power of career choice back in your hands!

–  Matthew Edwards (U.S. Army)

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“The Power4Vets program is an excellent way to gain a highly coveted certification, especially for those with any interest in the energy market. Not only that, you have the support of David every step of the way.”

– Jessica Co (U.S. Navy)

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The Power4Vets program helped me expand on the knowledge I had acquired in the Navy regarding electrical systems, and prepared me to pass the NERC Reliability Coordinator Certification as well as  gave me an understanding of how to operate larger electric interconnections. The simulator time was invaluable, and I would recommend anyone taking the course to spend as much time as they can with the different simulations. David Miranda was also a great help during the job application process. He would send me job postings, gave me tools I could use to prepare for interviews, did a mock interview with me, and was always available if I had any questions. All of this ultimately landed me a job as a System Operator at ERCOT. 

Thank you David and the Power4Vets team.

–  Kristopher Hancock (U.S. Navy)

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One of the first things David Miranda shared with me was a video titled “ERCOT’s Control Room.” My first introduction to the NERC world was this video, and from that moment I knew I wanted to work in the field. Throughout my training and studying I had that exact control room in mind. As I recovered from island conditions in the simulator, I had ERCOT in mind. As I was taking the NERC exam, I had ERCOT in mind. Little did I know that several months later I would be there in person, interviewing for that very job.

After my first conversation with David, I knew that Power4Vets was different. It was more than just a study tool which hopefully crams enough information down your throat in order to barely pass an exam. It’s a training course with incredible simulation, carefully selected readings and quizzes, and video lectures designed by professionals who have decades of experience in the field. It was this training that allowed me to completely crush not only the exam, but my resume and interviews as well. I used examples from the simulator with the hiring managers, and got offered almost every job I applied for.

I feel like I just landed my dream job and I couldn’t be more excited about the future or more appreciative for the Power4Vets program. I recommend it to everyone—everyone. It’s worth every penny and more. The job finding service isn’t a head-hunting program. It’s a personal service which helps you open many doors, and then gives you the tools to get through the right one.  Many employers know about Power4Vets, and the word is still spreading that these graduates are the best choice when selecting new operators to join your team. I’m proud to be one of them.

– Jonathan Grotefendt (U.S. Navy)

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The training I received through Power4Vets provided me with valuable tools to transition from the military to the civilian workforce. The curriculum helped me familiarize myself with the terminology and systems used in civilian power grids, allowing me to further the knowledge I gained in the military.

It made it possible for me to successfully obtain my NERC certification. The knowledge I gained from the program allowed me to shine during the interviewing process and ultimately land a promising career with Idaho Pow

– Chase Brown (U.S. Navy)

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I really don’t know how to begin expressing how much this program changed my life. When I first stumbled upon the Power4Vets program, it almost seemed to good to be true and I almost dismissed it immediately. But I took the time to speak with David as well as reaching out to a few other veterans who had gone through the program and they all hagreat things to say about it. I decided to take the chance and go through with it and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made with my career. I came in with only a basic understanding of simple electrical theory, and was able to learn everything I needed to pass the NERC exam with ease. And even though I had no prior experience in the electrical world, the NERC RC  Certification was enough to open the door to my new career as a System Operator. I love my new career, and it seriously would not have been possible without the Power4Vets program.

– Christopher Kelley (U.S. Army)

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With my naval career coming to an end, I knew it was time to search for opportunities in a new career field. It was also an ambition of mine to work in the power generation field because it is not only lucrative, but challenging and rewarding as well. With this goal in mind I sought out a program that I felt would best prepare me for a position working with the North American Electrical Grid. Power4Vets was the perfect program to fill this need. They provided me with theoretical and practical training that was essential to my success on the NERC Reliability Coordinator examination. When the time came to find a position that suited my needs, they were more than helpful with the search and worked with me to identify positions that suited what I was looking for. They were also a resource in preparing me for the interview process by providing coaching and constructive feedback. All along the way the Power4Vets team was always available to provide advice, mentorship and guidance whenever asked. H. Jackson Brown Jr. said, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”. I truly feel I would not be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for the Power4Vets program driving to get the best out of me and I would recommend it to anyone that desires a career working with the Electrical Grid.

– Kyle Hollis (U.S. Navy)

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Completing the Power4Vets program has been an incredible experience. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained through the lectures, simulators, and studying tools available were invaluable for me with my pursuit of a career in the Electrical Industry. I felt confident that I had a thorough understanding of the electrical theory, energy control applications, and the regulation of the Bulk Electrical System prior to sitting for the NERC Reliability Coordinator (RC) Exam. Obtaining my NERC RC Certification married my Army Electrical background with my search for civilian employment. I became highly competitive with my civilian counterparts, and I received several interviews merely by holding this certification. I was surprised to see some utility operators had less SCADA experience than what I received through the Power4Vets program.

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and resources offered through Power4Vets. The simulators used allowed me to manipulate a distribution system to see the cause and effect of switching devices without causing any real adverse effects to people or electrical equipment. I gained a great familiarity with the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The staff were not only helpful in fine tweaking the way I grasped concepts to ensure a solid foundation, but they were also extremely accommodating in fitting the program around my busy schedule which included balancing 60+ hour work weeks for the Army, attending college online full time, and the typical demands of family life. Thank you Power4Vets for helping me make smooth transition into the electrical industry.

– Benjamin Talbert (U.S. Army)

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I’m currently in the home stretch and so far I have learned a lot. The best part is to run the simulator and see how the system reacts to the user inputs, so I can have a feel of the real deal. It is definitely an excellent bridge in between the distribution experience in the Navy to the major electrical transmission and distribution systems and equipment across North America.

I believe it is an excellent transition from the military to civilian life and employers know the quality of individuals are produced when veterans complete the program. I am very excited to be part of the Power Industry thanks to the P4V team, especially David Miranda.

– Anthony Lamberty (U.S. Navy)

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I learned of Power4Vets through a former Nuke Electricians Mate while serving aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. 

I was a little skeptical of the program cost and ability to follow through on their promises of helping me to land a job. I emailed David to apply and received an email back only a couple hours later answering my questions and processing my application. This would become the standard throughout my Power4Vets experience. David Miranda is an extremely valuable force to have on your side. He helped me with writing a resume, interview techniques and salary negotiations. David and I routinely made a game plan to apply for open jobs through his industry contacts. He would answer my phone calls or texts even on late Friday afternoons because he really does care about your success. Extremely impressed to have made contact with such a great career coach and program manager like David!

The courses really get you up to speed quickly in using industry terminology and techniques. These classes helped me translate my skills as a Navy Load Dispatcher to a Reliability Coordinator in a very effective manner. 

Utility companies are looking to hire Veterans with skills just like yours; the only thing between you and a great career is your NERC Certification and Power4Vets can help you build a bridge over that gap.

I was able to choose from 4 job offers, some with 6-figure salaries, over 60 days before I transitioned from the Navy. I couldn’t have done it without David and the Power4Vets program. I highly recommend it.

– Cory Mock (U.S. Navy)

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I am thrilled to of have had the opportunity to be enrolled into the Power4Vets program and to utilize the power simulator to help me build a solid foundation in thchristopher_de electrical industry to become a System Operator. My position at UPC is in distribution, and the SCADA system which we utilize at UPC is very similar to the simulator utilized in the Power4Vets training program. I walked into my new position with hands-on knowledge that has given me a head start in learning the system and it also has given me the fundamental building blocks to understand the power system and how transmission ties into the distribution side of the house. I am truly satisfied in my decision to pursue the Power4Vets program which has catapulted me into a whole new career in the power industry. I appreciate the help, guidance and mentorship offered by David Miranda and the team at IncSys. I would highly recommend this program to any veteran transitioning out the military – you would not be disappointed in that choice if you made it.  The Power4Vets program placed me in the position to accept a fantastic job–my dream job–at Union Power Cooperative. Thank you for pointing me toward Touchstone Energy Cooperatives and assisting me to get this new career job.

All of the transition assistance provided by the IncSys team was very helpful in my every challenging transition out of the military and all of the help given was truly invaluable. I appreciate all the time we shared on the phone and the interaction we had during this job search and it is truly a great place to work.  There is much more opportunity for me to grow in this industry, as well as with UPC. I am really excited for the future and I thank the entire IncSys team and the Power4Vets program or paving the way for my future, as well as the future for my entire family.

 – Christopher Downing (U.S. Navy)

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I, like many people most likely reading this, was concerned about what I was going to do upon getting out of the Navy. I knew I really enjoyed my job as a load dispatcher, and heard a lot of things about people being very successful getting out and getting a job as a “civilian load dispatcher”. The same people told me about Power4Vets, but only one followed through with the program, and had transitioned out before I had a chance to talk to him in depth about it. Most just did what everyone else in the Navy, which was to go to a hiring conference and didn’t really use the nuclear training to their fullest advantage. I personally believe that there was a reason that I received the training that I did, and it was to get a job that reflected that training.  I was hesitant at first, as it was a pretty big commitment and I hadn’t heard of anyone, personally, that had succeeded in getting a job in the civilian power distribution industry. My goal was to be a system operator, but I didn’t know how to go about it.  I had backup plans, as most of you will most likely have as well, but none came close to the opportunities this offered me. Not only was the material set up in a very logical and easy to understand manner, but everything else they offered made everything incredibly easy and convenient. I started the program while still on deployment. It was rather difficult to find adequate time or bandwidth to do a lot of the online portions, but anything that was a PDF, I studied as much as possible and then finished the rest of the online training modules when we made it back to home port.

I couldn’t have been happier with their assistance in finding me a job. It made the transition out of the Navy incredibly smooth. They were a perfect sturdy bridge from the Navy to the civilian power side.  I had a new job, and the only thing I had to worry about was getting my DD214 and cleaning out my apartment. It was an incredible relief. Obviously, a lot of the theory and operations was review, as I had been a load dispatcher/electrical operator for some time. But it’s not just for people that were Nuke EM’s. It starts with the basics, and works up and builds your understanding and gets you ready to do the job, with a side effect of being able to pass the test. I highly recommend this for anyone that is serious about being a system operator as a career when they transition out of the Navy. Feel free to message me on linked in. Good Luck, and I’ll see you on the outside.

– Michael Rapparlie (U.S. Navy)

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Enrolling in the Power4Vets Program might easily be one of the “BEST” decisions I’ve ever made. This is the first online program I’ve ever participated in and I was honestly nervous about the endeavor. However, the lectures were comprehensive and interesting, the quizzes were relevant and challenging, and the Power Simulator really pulled the material together in a real applicable way. My recruiter was professional and his assistance was invaluable throughout the entire process, which included curriculum questions, resume’ preparation, job hunting, interview preparation, and a lot of encouragement. I’m about to start working my dream job for the most amazing company imaginable and none of this would have been possible without the training and assistance I received through this program and the people behind it. Finally, this Power4Vets is easily worth twice the tuition cost and I highly recommend it!

-Kathryn Cross (U.S. Air Force)

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I entered the Power4Vets Program following a 9 month deployment, and with less than a year to prepare myself for transitioning into the civilian world. Prior to my enrollment, it was nerve racking thinking of how soon my separation was coming up, and how I was going to prove my utility outside of the military to a new employer. Once I finally began the coursework, however, my confidence level increased day by day. The program reviewed and expounded on the training I received from the Navy, while simultaneously familiarizing me with the civilian SCADA system , its components, and the guidelines by which the system is operated. I am extremely pleased with the way the course modules were organized, and also the ease with which feedback could be generated to make things even better which helped me pass my NERC RC Certification. When it came to finding me a job, I was even more pleased. David Miranda did a phenomenal job finding positions in the areas I was looking for, and helping me prepare for the subsequent interviews, and giving me tips on how to follow up. After my experience, there isn’t a fellow veteran I wouldn’t suggest the program to. It has been a great asset to me and friends of mine, and it is a wonderful tool for ensuring that the quality training, received by our service members, doesn’t fall by the wayside as they move on to the next phase of their lives.”

-Adam Herston (U.S. Navy)

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The Power4Vets program is a great program that provides you with all the resources necessary to learn about operating the power grid system as well as prepare you for the NERC Reliability Coordinator exam. The training they provided was excellent. The lectures and the PowerSimulator were great tools to help me understand how the electrical grid works and to prepare me for the NERC exam. The support staff is also very friendly and helpful. David Miranda is a great guy who would do everything he could to help me understand the material and help me land a good job. With the help of this program I was able to get a great job. I am very grateful to the Power4Vets program for their help and support during my transition.

-Matthew Braucher (U.S. Navy)

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David has acted as my personal mentor throughout this process. I cannot say how much I jeremyrecommend IncSys and the Power4Vets Program. It is the reason I have landed my dream job. Thank you so much!

–  Jeremy Smith (U.S. Navy)

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I was looking desperately for a job and I came across the training website Power4Vets. I was able to speak with Mr. Miranda, and he got me started. I saw a particular position and Mr. Miranda coached me through the hiring process and was available at a moment’s notice to help me. I had total confidence and complete trust that Power4Vets training would land me the position I wanted. 

-Jose DeLaFuente (U.S. Navy)

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Power4Vets prepared me to obtain my first job as a System Operator when I had no experience in the electrical utility industry. The resume writing assistance helped me land an interview, and the interview coaching helped me land an offer. Power4Vets helped me transition from the oilfield to the power industry quickly after the oil bust”.

-Yinjie Luo (U.S. Army National Guard)

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“What a long journey this has been for me.  I clearly remember the day in February 2013 when I met David Miranda at a job fair in Virginia Beach.  I am certainly glad that he was there to advocate this enabling opportunity.  The well-structured, self-paced Power4Vets training program and his job placement assistance made it all possible, and gave me the necessary confidence to succeed.  Even a corporate recruiter from my prospective employer remarked that completing the Power4Vets program was a “smart move” on my part. 

Thank you for choosing to support veterans like me with their transition.  Several past graduates of the Power4Vets program now working in the utility industry were also a critical resource for my job search efforts and interview preparation.  I networked with them via LinkedIn to better understand the different operator positions on a shift, operational relationships within the industry, and company cultures.  Of note, I’ve already proudly returned the favor of being a helpful resource to other Power4Vet students.”

-Eric Hanson (U.S. Navy)

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The Power4Vets program has been such a blessing for me. This program enabled me to continue and expand upon the electrical distribution system training I received while in the military.  The curriculum is challenging and thorough.  What I learned here will allow me to more quickly become a competent system operator. The simulation software really aided me in retaining what I have studied. Whenever I had a question about the simulation software or career advice, the Power4Vets crew was always willing to help. I am thankful to Dr. Robin Podmore, Mr. Miranda and the rest of the staff for the opportunity to learn about the civilian bulk electric system.

-David Lattibeaudiere (U.S. Navy)

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This really is a success story. Many times in life you just get to play the cards you are dealt and you make the best of it. My story is that I set a goal to land a position in the Power and Energy industry and I did it.

I met Robin Podmore (IncSys President) at a conference and he was speaking on the benefits of the IncSys Power4Vets program. I was all in. He explained the phased training which included Electrical Basics, Balancing Generation to Load and Transmission control. Next was the ”Power Simulator” exercises which put that knowledge to use in a realtime atmosphere. Having access to tool like that is invaluable to the understanding of how the power grid functions and responds to changes. The final phase was the section on NERC standards. The examples and questions helped provide me with the knowledge I used to pass the NERC exam and receive my NERC Reliability Coordinator Certification.

I then took advantage of Power4Vets job seeking assistance. With their guidance with cover letters, resumes, interviewing skills and job seaches I landed an Interview with First Energy Corp. They were impressed with my knowledge and skills and I was offered the position.

I want to acknowledge and say “Thank you” to the Power4Vets staff. Specifically Robin, David, Calvin and Jackie. Without you this journey would not have been possible.

– Clinton Hanhi (U.S. Air Force)

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Word is getting out about the quality employees produced by the Power4Vets program. As more and more veterans complete the program and find success in civilian careers, employers are taking special note when Power4Vets is mentioned on a resume. They know that they ChrisStevensare getting a self-motivated quality employee. Thank you very much for all your help in completing my NERC Certification and transitioning into a career. I feel a debt of gratitude to Power4Vets for the great opportunity it has given me.

– Christopher Stevens (U.S. Navy)

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EricBramelThe Power4Vets program was instrumental in providing me with the training and simulator experience to prepare me for the next steps of interviews and additional company training. The foundation that P4V provided has enabled me to achieve a goal that will allow me to provide for my family with a job that I want. The Power4Vets training is self paced allowing you to learn at your own speed and review as often as you want. Spend time in the simulator getting a feel for how one lines look and how a power system really works.

– Eric Bramel (U.S. Air Force)

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MichaelYunikPower4Vets was extremely instrumental in getting me into my dream job after the Navy. A lot of Navy Nukes would like to get into system operations, but are steered away by the prospect of NERC Certification. Power4Vets has bridged that gap by providing the materials and hands-on instruction necessary to become certified. I can’t recommend the program highly enough to any veteran interested in getting into the industry. Thank you David Miranda, and the Power4Vets team, for everything that you do!

– Michael Yunik (U.S. Navy)

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The Power4Vets program is great. The lectures are very well done and the PowerSimulator will give a real world style of grid control and will help build a true understanding of how the electrical grid works. The NERC prep portion is excellent and has definitely prepared me for the exam. Also, David Miranda is a great resource for upcoming job openings and helped me create to great resumes and proper interview techniques. I highly recommend this program.

– Christian Chantel (U.S. Navy)

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BennieRiceI am forever grateful to the good folks of IncSys, including: Dr. Robin Podmore who had the vision for the program we all know as Power4Vets and David Miranda the manager of the  program and placement… The Power4Vets team gave me the tools to aid in my understanding of the NERC standards such as the ACE equation, emergency operations, voltage control and restoration… I passed all my certifications on my first attempt, and I also passed the PJM Fundamentals of Transmission Operations. The Power4Vets program has changed my life and I am grateful!

– Bennie Rice (U.S. Navy)

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LonnieBushNot only did the skills learned during the Power4Vets program aid in interview process by allowing me to relate my military training to the civilian world, but it also expedited the process for becoming a NERC certified Reliability Coordinator which is the highest NERC certification to achieve. To put the icing on the cake for my new career, I gave Incremental Systems my priority companies and locations for places to live and work. Through my hard work and dedication to the program, coupled with Incremental System’s resources, I was able to land my dream job!

– Lonnie Bush (U.S. Navy)

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StevenRiceDiscovering the Power4Vets program was a great opportunity for me. I was looking for additional training to help make the transition from military to civilian industry a smooth process so I could find a great job. The staff was very supportive in helping me get started and providing guidance at each step. I was able to complete the training while on active duty and it prepared me well for the test. A year later, I received interviews from a co-ˇgeneration plant, a hydro generation company, a wind company and a reliability coordinator. I accepted the job as the Reliability Coordinator at New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). Holding a NERC RC certification was a key decision in the company offering me a job. It meant that they could move me along in the training process faster and it removed the uncertainty of whether I could learn the material.

– Steven Rice (U.S. Navy)

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IsaacAtwoodThe Power4Vets program is very well put together. Every step through the program you are not just learning the basics of how to operate, you are entering a whole new world of terms, acronyms, and parameters. You may not see it at first, but soon things will start to fall into place. Take advantage of the simulator, and if something doesn’t make sense, keep trying and take the time to find it in the EPRI Dynamics Tutorial to coalesce your understanding. The training that the program gives you is almost impossible to find without actually being hired and on the job. Hopefully I will be able to see more people from the military in the future.

– Isaac Atwood (U.S. Navy)

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Power4Vets was a great way for me to get acquainted with the power industry. The program taught me about operating a larger system, civilian terms and NERC requirements. Every week they were calling me with different opportunities I could apply for. If you are interested in getting your NERC certification I would recommend the program.

– Cole Lancaster (U.S. Navy)

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The Power4Vets program is a wonderful program that provides the tools to effectively study for the NERC Reliability Coordinator exam and learn the basics of operating an actual power grid system. The placement specialists are exceptionally good at what they do with assisting the students in developing opportunities for employment with a wide range of companies in the power field. The Power4Vets program was instrumental in my employment at American Electric Power and I couldn’t be happier with the results of utilizing the program. Thank you IncSys.

– Robert Grubbs (U.S. Navy)

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A Navy Nuclear trained Second Class Petty Officer (E-5) with over 6 years of Navy experience in the areas of nuclear aircraft carrier electrical distribution and casualty control operations. “Power4Vets helped me build the knowledge I needed to get the exact job I was searching for, and I landed the job with the exact company I wanted to work for.

– Francis Esslin (U.S. Navy)

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