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Power System Modeling Software

Like the Reliability Model, the PowerSimulator Switching Model will also realistically recreate the proper power flows, voltages and frequencies so that operators can practice their response to forced transmission and generator outage and also validate and practice system restoration.

However, the Switching PowerSimulator model is tailored so that system operators can run the system from station one-line diagrams that are laid out to mimic the customer’s actual SCADA and EMS station diagrams.

The PowerSimulator Switching Model can be built by expanding and detailing the PowerSimulator Reliability Model. The customer’s SCADA, AGC and alarming functions are emulated, rather than replicated, with the PowerSimulator software. The PowerSimulator SCADA one-line displays can have the same symbols, conventions and layout as the real displays.

The PowerSimulator Switching Model provides the most accurate simulation of a custom system:

  • Train safe switching practices and protection
  • Exact same circuit breaker and switch names that they use in the real world
  • Diagrams laid out to more closely mimic substation diagrams
  • More direct mapping to operating procedures that reference breaker and switch names