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NERC Certification Training Courses

In addition to our online NERC CEH courses which are available through the IncSys Academy, we also offer several live classroom training classes. Like all IncSys coursework, these training events are structured around interactive simulations which make for a dynamic learning environment.

Unique to IncSys training, our classes are taught using either the Cascadia system models or your own custom model.

Our trainers are expert PowerSimulator users. They deliver a fresh, engaging, interactive, and memorable classroom experience.

Dr. Robin Podmore, IncSys President and CEO is also available for classroom training. Dr. Podmore has over 30 years of experience in the power industry and was recently inducted into the IEEE National Academy of Engineering.

Several simulator-based classes are currently available. We can also work with you to develop stand-alone customized classes that meet your organizational goals.

A few options for Cascadia classes are:

  • Blackstart Restoration – 8 CEHs
  • Voltage Stability – 8 CEHs
  • Angle Stability – 8 CEHs
  • Generation Capacity Emergencies – 8 CEHs
  • Transmission Emergencies – 8 CEHs (partial credit available)

We also offer courses designed specifically for trainers:

  • Train-the-Trainer: Using PowerSimulator as a Training Tool
  • Train-the-Trainer: Using PowerSimulator as an Assessment and Evaluation Tool

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“The simulator was phenomenal and it gives a great, broad perspective”
“An excellent simulator with well thought out scenarios”
“I liked that IncSys updates their training their classes include recent, real-life scenarios in like the Cyber Attack on the Ukrainian Power Grid”
“Scenarios with hidden and emergent challenges that can stress a trainee, but that’s the real-world”
“The scenarios and simulator were more realistic than anything I’ve experienced in the past”