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Robin Podmore


Dr. Robin Podmore received his Bachelors and Doctorate degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Dr. Podmore has dedicated his career to development of computer applications for power system operations with a strong focus on Operator Training Simulators. Dr. Podmore founded Incremental Systems Corporation (IncSys) in 1990 and has been working with the EPRI Operator Training Simulator (OTS) since 1991.

Dr. Podmore has worked in a wide range of areas and disciplines in order to ensure the success of PowerSimulator. These include prototyping new power system algorithms, specifying and testing software functions, promoting adoption of common information models, developing restoration plans, capturing knowledge and training power system operators and trainers. He is the primary author and video presenter for 40 hours of Power System Operation and Control on-line tutorials and simulator based exercises.

Dr. Podmore has championed Generic, Custom, and Replica Simulators as effective training tools for power system operators since 1978 when he made a presentation at an EPRI meeting in the Con Edison control center following the New York black out of 1977. The ESCA (now Alstom) DTS was developed under his direction. Since obtaining the license to commercialize the EPRI OTS in 1991, Dr. Podmore has continued to drive down the cost and increase the availability and usability of operator training simulators.

Dr. Podmore spent 3 months in Iraq over fours visits between January 2008 and June 2009 training Ministry of Electricity engineers and system dispatchers with PowerSimulator.

Dr. Podmore is a NERC Certified Reliability Coordinator. In 2013 Dr. Podmore was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for development of modeling and simulation tools for power system operation.

When he needs to unwind, Robin enjoys stand-up paddle boarding on Lake Washington and rollerblading in foreign lands.