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Calvin Kaiser

Product Manager

Calvin is an instructional designer who helps develop and deliver content and PowerSimulator scenarios for the IncSys Academy.

Calvin was a Navy nuclear-trained Machinist’s Mate and Engineering Laboratory Technician aboard the submarine USS Jefferson City (SSN-759). After the service, Calvin worked for Westinghouse Nuclear in equipment maintenance and nuclear refueling, where he traveled around the country disassembling plants, refueling reactors, and performing maintenance on equipment.

Calvin attended the University of Washington and graduated with a B.S. in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Starting as an intern at Cray Inc., he was later hired by the documentation department and modernized their document handling system through DITA: topic-based XML authoring.

At IncSys, Calvin has helped develop the IncSys Academy online training program and helped develop and deliver in-class training at several drills and events over the past two years. Calvin is currently creating online exercises for the IncSys Academy based on the Cascadia Power System Model.