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Robert Grubbs Story:

A Navy Nuclear trained Second Class Petty Officer (E-5) with over 6 years of experience in the areas of aircraft carrier electrical distribution and casualty control operations.  He is a qualified switchboard operator, reactor electrical division maintenance technician, and a load dispatcher.  He was stationed aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74), home ported out of Bremerton, WA.  His journey started around 25 January 2012 as a referral by one of our Incremental Systems Corporation employees who is a prior Navy Nuke and served with him.  Robert enrolled into the Power4Vets program on 23 February 2012 and his journey took off at a rapid pace from this point on.  Robert has taken on the training program seriously and recently passed his NERC Reliability Coordinator Certification.  He currently works for American Electric Power (AEP) in Ohio as a System Control Center Operator.

 In Robert’s own words:

“The Power4Vets program is a wonderful program that provides the tools to effectively study for the NERC Reliability Coordinator exam and learn the basics of operating an actual power grid system.  The placement specialists are exceptionally good at what they do with assisting the students in developing opportunities for employment with a wide range of companies in the power field.  The Power4Vets program was instrumental in my employment at American Electric Power and I couldn’t be happier with the results of utilizing the program.  Thank you IncSys. The Power4Vets program is an exceptional program for veterans wanting to enter the power field to utilize.”