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Real Time Digital Simulator

The uniqueness of the PowerSimulator™ product line is the variety of simulation-based solutions which are offered. The same software which runs the Generic PowerSimulator and Custom PowerSimulator is so robust that it drives the Replica PowerSimulator as well. Replica PowerSimulator is functionally equivalent to traditional vendor EMS training simulators. One advantage of a Replica PowerSimulator over a vendor EMS simulator is the value-added benefits of other PowerSimulator products.

For instance, a user of Replica PowerSimulator can decide to compliment their replica simulator with a versatile Custom PowerSimulator. Now, operators and engineers have the option of using either simulator as the situation requires.

With Replica PowerSimulator you will get the highest level of customization as your operators train on a truly replicated version of your actual EMS and SCADA.


How does Replica PowerSimulator work?

The organizations EMS/SCADA system is replicated by setting up a duplicate copy of the EMS/SCADA software on dedicated machines. A number of multi-CRT trainee consoles which replicate the existing operator consoles are connected to the CCM server. A copy of the organizations EMS/SCADA software is installed on this system with its own database and display set. This database and display set can be a copy of the on-line system or it might represent some future system condition. The PowerSimulator with the EPRI OTS are set up on a separate PSM server.

The Power System Model runs a real time simulation of the customer’s power system and generates a new set of analog and status values every few seconds. Every time the Power System Model calculates a new set of analog and status values, these are sent over a data link to the organization’s Control Center Model. The CCM uses these analog and status values to update the real-time EMS/SCADA database. The programs that would normally load the organization’s database with values that are scanned from the SCADA front end processors are bypassed. To the rest of the organization’s applications it looks as if the SCADA database has been populated by data which has been scanned by RTUs in the field.


Who is using Replica PowerSimulator ?

IncSys, in partnership with PowerData and EPRI, have implemented Replica PowerSimulator in control centers around the world, including Brazil and Ireland. See more customers