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Power System Reliability Analysis Software

The Reliability PowerSimulator Model is built directly from the CUSTOMER’s PSSE planning model.

This model includes the specific generators, lines, transformers, loads, capacitors, and reactors within the Transmission Operator’s or Balancing Operator’s system. Important lines, generators, and loads in the neighboring systems are also included.

The Reliability PowerSimulator will realistically re-create the proper power flows, voltages, and frequencies so operators can practice their response to forced transmission and generator outage while also validating and practicing system restoration.

The model importer creates single bus, single breaker schemes for each substation. Even though the exact layout of substation breakers and switches is not replicated in detail, system operators soon find that the simulation is very realistic for practicing a wide range of operating tasks.

Power System Reliability Analysis Software

This PowerSimulator Reliability Model is for utilities that need reliability training on their own system, but only have the budget for generic simualtion

  • Verify Competency
  • Reliability training on system specific model, at a reduced cost
  • Dramatically lowers the cost and the lead time to create system specific training.
  • Used by many utility companies around the world (WECC, FRCC, Kenya Power, SWAPDA to simulate WECC-1 RAS, SERC, EPRI SRN testing: TVA, SoCo, PJM, MISO, Duke, First Energy)