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Power System Analysis Software

PowerSimulator hypothetical power system models provide operators and trainees real-life experience of the theoretical issues.

Hypothetical PowerSimulator models allow operators to experience in emergency and abnormal operation conditions, without the risks of dealing with a live power system. The simulator responds in real-time with flows and voltages updated every few seconds. Detailed one-line diagram geographic displays and QuickMaps.

These hypothetical models are at the core of the IncSys Academy computer-based CEH courses, as well as instructor-led courses throughout North America.




Generic PowerSimulator™ has transformed classroom training by turning boring lecture-based presentations into dynamic hands-on learning sessions. Students in small, medium and large classrooms with as many as 100+ participants can now be actively engaged in an interactive real-time simulation experience using a realistic system simulator. An instructor can then leverage his or her training time answer specific job related questions as the students lead the learning activity through their interaction with the simulator.

Instead of a sage on the stage, we need a guide on the side.

Within a single class period, students can learn power system principles, apply them in a realistic power system environment as they experience a range of normal, emergency and system restoration scenarios. By flipping the classroom, students learn from both the instructor and their peers as they are allowed to make mistakes without endangering people or equipment. Examples of innovative organizations using this approach to training include:


Product Highlights

  • Transforms boring classroom lectures
  • Simulator used in online IncSys Academy curriculum
  • Hands-on application of power system fundamentals
  • Hypothetical System Models of all major system components
  • Flows & Voltages updated every second
  • UNLIMITED operators on any shared session
  • Same EPRI OTS simulation engine used in the world’s largest control centers
  • Accessible from Anywhere at Anytime
  • Graphical display tools designed from the perspective of an operator
  • Easy Transition to a system specific Custom PowerSimulator