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Custom Power Distribution Software

Custom PowerSimulator

Access to a dynamic, system specific, power grid simulator is no longer an EMS fantasy, but an affordable & reliable reality for any organization looking to use realistic power grid simulation on their own power system model.

Conventional wisdom teaches that custom system modeling is highly expensive and resource intensive. PowerSimulator and its unique software tools and import solutions buck this conventional wisdom, greatly reducing the cost and required resources to run realistic, dynamic simulations of actual systems.

Using PowerSimulator, the full system model – with thousands of buses and hundreds of station one-line displays – can be simulated for drills and training.

SCADA and AGC functions are emulated with the PowerSimulator software and the SCADA one-line displays can be tailored to have the same symbols, conventions and layout as the real displays.

Current NERC Challenges

NERC Standards PER-005, EOP-005 & EOP-006 require Transmission Operators, Balancing Authorities and Reliability Coordinators use system specific simulation to verify restoration plans, conduct coordinated restoration drills, provide emergency operations training, and verify operator competency of reliability related job tasks.

Unfortunately, system specific simulation has remained out of reach for the majority of RCs, BAs and TOPs. Whether due to the cost of implementation or the difficulty to maintain and support ongoing simulator operations, the industry has been barred from tapping into the unmatched resource of system specific power simulation.


PowerSimulator has torn down these persistent barriers to system specific power simulation. In a matter of months any organization can start using a realistic power simulator of their own power system model.

This revolutionary, web-based simulation software changes operator training simulation forever.

Simulation is no longer restricted to a single fixed location, or a fixed number of users, or a single simulation session running at any given time. The versatility and scalability of the PowerSimulator software is turning simulation training fantasies into realities.

How is Custom PowerSimulator being used?

TOPs, RCs, BAs & GOPs are using Custom PowerSimulator to run massive real-time restoration drills and coordinated regional drills among complete interconnected systems. Engineers are using PowerSimulator™ to verify blackstart/restoration plans and assess system vulnerabilities. System operators are running training exercises and completing required NERC simulation hours all on their own system model



I had to show my job task lists, gap training, and my documentation process. I was able to show them the ILA that breaks down the tasks and objectives for my Blackstart. For the audit, it is the simulator that really gets you through.

– Warren Maxvill, Avista Utilities


Product Highlights

  • Automated model generation of any system from a standard format planning or operating model
  • Includes specific generators, lines, transformers, loads, capacitors and reactors
  • Optional tailoring of model to emulate the look and feel of exact SCADA/ EMS one-line displays
  • Realistically creates the proper power flows, voltages and frequencies which update every few seconds
  • Web-Based software unleashes the versatility of cloud computing for use in simulation exercises
  • Multi-Users: Large scale restoration drills of 100+ participants are now easy and effective
  • Regional Coordination Drills: Software enables integrated drills between RCs, TOPs, BAs, & GOPs
  • Unlimited Access: Operators can now exponentially increase their time spent on a system-specific simulator
  • Remote Access: No restriction to a physical location. Simultaneously run the one simulation from multiple locations
  • Two Delivery Platforms: Web Cloud Server & BRICK Local Server both have appropriate security protections
  • Maintenance: Minimal support time required from company staff (in-house simulator engineering specialist not required)
  • Use as the primary training simulator or as a compliment to an existing EMS training simulator