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Employers: Why Hire P4V Students?


Hire the Best

It is expected that 35% of the workforce will need to be replaced in the electric power industry by 2018. This amounts to 3,500 jobs! Utilities urgently need well qualified, NERC Certified candidates with the right skills and attitude to replace the large number of retiring system operators. Increased NERC and FERC standards are placing more requirements on the abilities of the entry level power system operator. Existing training programs are being stretched to their limits. Power4Vets recruits the best and trains them using simulator-ˇbased coursework. As such, the military’s best and brightest are now ready to make an immediate difference in utilities across the nation. Read the report


  • Current and former Power4Vets students are working at over 90+ organizations nationwide.


List of Power4Vets Employers

The network of participating employers is rapidly growing as Power4Vets students and grads continue to prove their worth and show that they can add value to the team right away.


The Power4Vets trained veterans that we have hired have helped us close the gap in our training process by 2-4 years, and we have put veterans into Operator Positions quickly. Hiring Power4Vets graduates have proven to be a huge success for AEP. 

– Mike Anderson, Supervisor of Transmission and Real Time Operations, AEP


Even before Power4Vet grads start your application process, they will have experienced system blackouts and other major system events. Moreover, they will have received their NERC Certification. Power4Vets students reduce the burden and risk of hiring a new system operator trainee because of their unique background and training in the Power4Vets program.

Every electric power organization should know how this program can provide them with candidates who are:

  • NERC Certified
  • Trained using the world-class Simulation of the industry leading PowerSimulator™
  • Real-World Tested in Emergency Operations
  • Motivated to enter a new profession


Power4Vets + PowerSimulator™

Program participants are required to train using simulator-based training including working with the industry leading PowerSimulator™. This is the same simulator that over 50% of the current NERC certified system operators train with to fulfill their NERC requirements. By using PowerSimulator™ our students are receiving advanced levels of learning and gaining real-life system operations experience. No other system operator candidates are coming into an interview with the same applicable training experience and a NERC certification.


10 Reasons to Hire a Military Veteran

The men and women of the armed forces have uniquely developed abilities to help your organization move into the future of energy management.  Here are just a few of the advantages military veterans are bringing to the job:

1. Leadership Experience

2. Teamwork Skills

3. Diversity and Inclusion in Action

4. Performance Under Pressure

5. Respect for Procedures

6. Technology and Globalization

7. Integrity is Proven

8. Conscious of Health and Safety Standards

9. Triumph over Adversity

10. Proven Persistence


Power4Vets + Employers

We are constantly looking to provide our Power4Vets students with new opportunities to compete for open jobs in the marketplace. If you are interested in helping veterans gain employment please contact us at