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DOE Projects


Smart Grid Workforce Training Program

The U.S. Department of Energy’s workforce training programs helped prepare the next generation of workers in the utility and electrical manufacturing industries for Smart Grid related jobs. The program provided nearly $100 million for 54 projects.

These projects leveraged more than $95 million in funding from community colleges, universities, utilities, and manufacturers to train approximately 30,000 Americans to transform the nation’s electrical grid and implement smarter grid technologies in communities across the country.

IncSys was charged to develop massive real-time simulations for training smart grid operators.

Real-time simulations with specific and realistic models of the 8 NERC regions so that system operators, engineers and students can experience and learn to prevent major power system events. The simulations facilitated capturing the implicit knowledge that is embedded in the experience and intuition of senior operators and transferring it to a broad range of trainees.


Modeling all 8 NERC Regions

The powerful software which drives the industry-leading operator training simulator, PowerSimulator, is flexible and robust enough to model each and every NERC region. As part of the DOE program, IncSys and PowerData worked to model the North American interconnections so that massive nationwide simulations can be performed to plan for the worst case scenarios, as well as prepare new and experienced operators for the most complicated emergency scenarios.


Smart Grid Technology Simulation

To prepare operators for the future of Smart Grid operations, IncSys and PowerData worked to extend the functionality of PowerSimulator to model the unique components which operators will need to know how to operate when Smart Gird technologies are fully integrated into the electric grid.


Power4Vets: Veteran Training & Placement Program

In conjunction with the DOE grant, IncSys initiated the Power4Vets training program in 2010 to recruit, train, certify, and place United States Military veterans in energy management careers. For the first 3 years of the program, the veterans trained using a combination of IncSys and SOS International training tools. These same tools are currently being used by over 50% of NERC certified operators in North America.

The truly unique aspect of the program was exposing veterans to life-like simulation exercises which bring Power4Vets students real-life experience which is invaluable for their preparation toward entering a career in energy management and system operations. Power4Vets students have started new and exciting careers around the country in more than 90+ different organizations nationwide.

The DOE funding ended in June 2013, but the Power4Vets program continues on and is growing even stronger. A new set of course curriculum has been developed as an upgraded and even more powerful version of the program began on April 1, 2013 so that veterans can continue to gain the unparalleled advantages that Power4Vets provides.  See more on the History of Power4Vets and the evolution of the IncSys Academy.