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NERC Compliance

At IncSys we take pride in being the simulation experts. Our products and services feature simulation technology at a realistic price. With our breakthrough PowerSimulator software we offer 3 levels of customizable grid simulation.


PER 005 Compliance


Use System Specific Simulation to Verify company specific job tasks

With the acceptance of PER005, you are now required to systematically train your operators on all company specific reliability related tasks.

IncSys and its training partners can show you how to use a system specific simulator to cover a large majority of reliability related tasks in both emergency and non-emergency situations by using realistic system specific events on a PowerSimulator.

Using your own model in simulation exercises transforms your training program to proactively manage risk by improving human performance.


EOP 005-2 and EOP 006-2

Plan & Practice Restoration on a System Specific Simulator

Using Standard or Custom PowerSimulator your organization can fulfill the requirements of EOP 005-2 and EOP 006-2 with flexibility and ease. PowerSimulator will revolutionize your restoration training without breaking your budget.

See how the BRICK or the Web Server can turn any room into a dynamic restoration drill environment.


PER 005 R3

Cover 32 Hours of Emergency Operations Training

With the PowerSimulator™ family of products there is no reason that an operator should not be using life-like simulation to complete the 32 hours of Emergency Operations. By using Custom PowerSimulator™ these emergency operations hours can be spent on an emulated copy of your own system. This gives your operators the most relevant training experience possible at a price you can afford and with reliability you can trust.


NERC Continuing Education Hours

Now, with the all-new online IncSys Academy this same simulation technology is now available with just a few clicks.

Using Hypothetical Models, IncSys has developed an online training system that can be used to train new-hires, as well as award NERC CEHs. All courses are based around PowerSimulator and award simulation hours, as well as credit for NERC Standards and Emergency Operations

Getting NERC certified and staying compliant is now easier than ever.


What does EOP-005 and EOP-006 require?

  • With PowerSimulator™, Reliability Coordinators, Transmission Operators, Generator Operators, Transmission Owners, Distribution Providers and Field Personnel can jointly participate in large scale drills that helps any organization fulfill the following EOP-005 and EOP-006 requirements:
  • Transmission Operators shall perform steady state and dynamic simulations to verify that their restoration plan accomplishes its intended function.
  • Transmission Operators shall perform annual restoration training for their System Operators to assure the proper execution of their restoration plan. This includes training on; coordination with the Reliability Coordinator and Generator Operators, restoration priorities, building of cranking paths and synchronizing re-energized
    sections of the System.
  • Each Transmission Operator, each applicable Transmission Owner, and each applicable Distribution Provider shall provide a minimum of two hours of System restoration training every two years to their field switching personnel.
  • Each Generator Operator with a Blackstart Resource shall provide a minimum of two hours of training every
    two years to each of its operating personnel responsible for the startup of its Blackstart Resource generation units and energizing a bus. The training program must include, coordination with the Transmission Operator and procedures with starting each Blackstart Resource and energizing a bus.
  • Each Reliability Coordinator shall include within its operations training program, annual System restoration training for its System Operators to ensure assure the proper execution of its restoration plan. This training program shall include address the following; System restoration philosophy including the coordination role of the Reliability Coordinator and reestablishing the Interconnection.
  • Each Reliability Coordinator shall conduct two System restoration drills, exercises, or simulations per calendar year, which shall include the Transmission Operators and Generator Operators as dictated by the particular scope of the drill, exercise, or simulation that is being conducted.