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Power System Operator Training Course

Get New Hires Up To Speed Fast & Ready to Perform

With the success of the Power4Vets™ training program IncSys has proven the effectiveness of using simulation-based online training to get personnel who are new to system operations up-to-speed quickly and ready to sit on the desk. There is no other accelerated training approach that gives the students both the simulated experience and situational awareness that is needed to perform at the required level for system operations.

With over 200+ Power4Vets students now working in the energy industry and 88 veterans NERC certified through our program, we have shown that with the unique benefits of simulation training, new hires with no previous grid management experience can get certified and be effective members of an energy management team.

Mike Anderson, the Supervisor of Transmission and Real Time Operations at American Electric Power, had this to say about the Power4Vets students that he hired at AEP:


The IncSys trained veterans that we have hired have helped us close the gap in our training process by 2-4 years and rapidly put these candidates into Operator Positions. Hiring those graduates have proven to be a huge success for AEP.


Building on this valuable training experience, we are excited to make a similar package available to personnel new to system operations. This set of training courses can greatly reduce the time it takes for new hires to get up-to-speed and ready to operate on the real-time desk. It will also help prepare them for successful completion of the NERC Exam.

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Each of the topics below includes content lectures, simulation exercises, and assessments & quizzes

Introduction to Grid Management Systems

– History of Grid Management Systems
– Communications and Grid Operations
– The Expert System Operator Model

Electricity Generation & Markets

– North American Electricity Markets
– Fuel and Energy Source Characteristics
– Types of Power Plants
– Economic Dispatch
– Preparing a Daily Dispatch Plan

Frequency and Balancing Control

– Introduction to Frequency Control
– Governor Components and Operation
– System Frequency Response
– Automatic Generation Control
– NERC Real Power Balancing Control Performance Standard BAL-001
– Time Error Correction
– Reserve Monitoring and Scheduling

Transmission Network Flows

– Arizona/Southern California Outage
– System Operating Limits
– MW Flow Basics
– Parallel Path Flows
– Generator Re-dispatch for Managing MW Flows
– Line Outage Distribution Factor (LODF)
– Managing a Bus Outage
– Standing Phase Angles
– Phase Shifters

Voltage and Reactive Power Management

– Reactive Power
– Reactive Power in Simple Networks
– Voltage Operating Limits
– A Pole and Beam Analogy
– Generators
– Transmission Lines
– Shunt Capacitors
– Shunt Reactors
– Static VAR Compensators
– Transformers
– Loads



In addition to the simulation-based learning modules above, the new hire training includes the following Tutorials, Study Guides, and Practice Tests to help new hires master the NERC standards and Power System Dynamics. This is valuable whether or not they will be taking the NERC Certification Exam.

– NERC Standards Online Resources
– NERC Standards Study Guides
– EPRI Dynamics Study Guides and Refresher Course
– NERC Exam Practice Questions
– NERC Exam Practice Tests

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