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Why Do We Do That?

In the design and delivery of IncSys Academy courses, maximizing the student learning experience has always been the goal. We believe in the value of live classroom instruction; however, this form of training is often expensive, inflexible, and minimizes student interaction and freedom.

With all IncSys Academy courses our aim is recreating the benefits of the live classroom experience while adding new value using modes of teaching unique to online training. The following screenshots help explain the “why” which drives each aspect of our Learning Management System (LMS) design. We want our students to experience engaging, focused and relevant content in a flexible, fun, and empowering new way.

For a further reference to the categories listed below, please read a paper written on the topic: DOWNLOAD


1. Virtual Presenter

Teaching is more than just showing content on a page or a screen. IncSys Academy course content is presented directly to the students by leading industry instructors. Students watch as the instructor explains, not only with words and images, but also with gesture, inflection, props, and live interaction with the content itself. In addition to the virtual presenter, students can follow along with the slide content in real-time, read a transcript of the presentation, pause, rewind and review the content as necessary. These unique features of content delivery lead to better understanding, retention, and recall of difficult concepts.


2. Virtual Demonstrator

The flexibility of the online Learning Management System allows real-time power system operations to be demonstrated for students. Showing how experienced operators manage the power system, our PowerSimulator experts teach students how to run the simulation software, and also how system experts handle difficult situations. Watching and expert do something right is a powerful learning tool and develops confidence in system operations.


3. Virtual Director

Another unique aspect of the IncSys Academy is that all of our training courses integrate hands-on real-life simulation exercises. Our LMS acts like a virtual director, prompting students to make adjustments to the system through our easy-to-use simulator displays. As with any good direction or coaching, the hand-holding progressively lessens as the modules get more challenging and students gain confidence with the simulator. With simulation and content all in one place, the student will be prompted to perform tasks, observe conditions, make decisions, and answer the related questions in the LMS. This type of one-on-one, self-paced direction is unique to IncSys Academy.


4. Virtual Challenger

Any good class or learning experience forces the students to recall what he or she has learned and apply that knowledge. During and following each module, students are tested and assessed in both their conceptual understanding and in their operational ability. With more difficult simulations, students are challenged to control the system with almost no direction at all. This is the highest level of difficulty but also delivers the most advanced learning outcomes. This assessment process helps students and their trainers rate the performance and understanding of the course material on an individual basis.

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