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Eric Bramel’s Story:

An Air Force, Sergeant (E-4), who performed the duties as a System Repair Technician (MOS-99104) successfully for 4 years.  As a System Repair Technician Eric worked on a wide variety of equipment but nothing in the utilities or power fields.  After he honorably completed his obligated service back in 1983 from his last duty station in McClellan Air Force Base in California, he then held a variety of jobs at Intel Corporation, Intergraph Corporation, Bowman Distribution, Volt Management/Agilent Technologies, River City Mortgage, Acceptance Capital Mortgage, and lastly with the City of Spokane.  His journey with Power4Vets started back when he enrolled into the program in March 2012.  Eric had no real background and or experience in power generation, but he took on the training program seriously knowing that it would prepare him and improve his odds in obtaining the opportunity to land a dream job as an operator in the power industry.  Eric successfully passed and received his NERC Reliability Certification, and then the next challenge commenced to land a job in the industry.  It became very challenging for Eric to land a job but with his persistence and never quit attitude, he stuck in there and was able acquire a position with a major electric utility in the state of Texas as an Associate TG Controller.  We congratulate Eric for his diligence, persistence, and hard work to stay focused in the training program and believing that it would change his life while helping him land his dream job in the industry that he has desired to achieve for a long time.

In Eric’s own words:

“The Power4Vets program was instrumental in providing me with the training and simulator experience to prepare me for the next steps of interviews and additional company training.  The foundation that P4V provided has enabled me to achieve a goal that will allow me to provide for my family with a job that I want. The Power4Vets training is self paced allowing you to learn at your own speed and review as often as you want.  Spend time in the simulator getting a feel for how one lines look and how a power system really works.”